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Joshua Kaiser had developed a love for the various teas he tasted during his numerous travels throughout Asia. In 1997, along with a few friends, he started a 400 sq foot shop called Rishi Tea, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, that offered an array of handcrafted teas. The unique blends from Asia became a huge hit with the American public. Today, Rishi Tea is a market leader and one of the largest importers of handcrafted teas in the US. Rishi Tea's products are available throughout the US, in many private cafes, restaurants, and health food stores like Whole Foods. Rishi Tea hosts an online store, such that the tea lovers from US and Canada can place orders from the convenience of their homes.

Rishi Tea, as a company, made an effort to strike out the intermediaries by directly procuring loose-leaf teas from the diverse tea gardens of Asia. The team at Rishi Tea has taken the responsibility to hand pick the exceptional quality, fresh seasonal teas from the growers and tea artisans, themselves. One of the reasons behind this is to reduce cost, without compromising on the quality. All the teas selected by Rishi Tea, come from organic farms, ensuring that Fair Trade Standards are followed. Rishi Tea brings you supreme quality teas at the most affordable prices.

Offerings by Rishi Tea

Ancient Tree Tea - A special tea from the age old plantations of Yunnan

Black Tea - A large variety of fruity, floral, and traditional flavored Black Teas from the tea gardens of Darjeeling (India) and Yunnan (China)

Caffeine-Free Botanical Blends - Exotic botanical blends, made from the highest quality ingredients (flowers, root, and herbs) with delicious flavors

Chai - The traditional, refreshing red tea from India, with a blend of special aromatic spices, such as cloves and cardamom

Green Tea - An assortment of experts processed plain and flavored green teas from all over the world.

Iced Tea - A fabulous range of premium iced teas in unconventional flavors

Oolong Tea - Traditional Chinese tea, good for digestion and weight loss

Pu-erh Tea - A fermented Green Tea variety from Yunnan, which aids detoxification - See the Pu-erh Teas in the Ancient Tree Tea section

White Tea - A low caffeine tea with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties

Yerba Mate - A healthy herbal derivative containing vitamins and minerals, that brings a sense of well-being

Rishi Tea hosts a wide range of Tea ware (pots, tins, cups, and tea sets) and special gift packs with the samples of various teas, for tea enthusiasts. They also provide pottery sets from Tokoname, one of the oldest Ash Glaze Pottery makers from Japan. The green team at Rishi Tea responds appropriately to preserve energy resources. They import only the organic goods and use environmental friendly packaging. Its quest for excellence and commitment to quality has made Rishi Tea, the winner of World Tea Championship of 2009.

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