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A huge variety of baby products, ranging from apparels and skin care essentials to lovely toys, has been flooding the markets since ages. However, little exploration has been done into the field of daily use cleaning agents that can help take care of the basic hygiene needs of little kids and everyone around. It is important to remember that babies put everything in their mouths, owing to which, it is essential to make sure that their toys and bottles are cleaned from time to time, using a mild disinfectant. With a little baby at home or around, using harsh, harmful chemicals and toxins based cleaning solutions and sanitizing products may not be a very good approach. Whether its house, or the items of daily use, cleaning agents for both the purposes are usually quite debilitating for health.

Dapple The Green Cleaning

Dapple, a cleaning products manufacturer, on the other hand, extends natural ingredients based cleaning agents. High in quality, these all-natural Dapple offerings render them safe enough for a household with children. Dapple came into being with the aim of facilitating mothers to take better care of their babies. The entire range of Dapple products has been fabricated to meet the high demands of safeguarding the environment of your home, the natural, eco-friendly way. Dapple works with a team of leading pediatricians and experienced chemists, to fully exploit their expertise in the area of green cleaning technology.

Dapple Products

Maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation is an important part of bringing up healthy children. Whether it is dry milk stains on your babies’ bottles, or fingerprint marks on their toys, Dapple baby products can take care of it all. Besides eliminating germs, these sanitizing agents leave a fresh fragrance behind. While other conventional detergents are synthetic and fail to remove the dirt film created on bottle surfaces through persistent use, Dapple products work like tough magic. These products are extremely effective in taking care of the meanest messes that your children leave behind after their play sessions. The Dapple options are:

Dapple Dish Cleaners - dishwasher powders by Dapple are gentle, yet effective. They are specially formulated for hard cleaning, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Dapple Toy Cleaners

All-natural toy cleaner sprays & wipes are mild, yet effective. Tender on even kids’ hands, baby cleaning wipes & detergents by Dapple are perfect for baby cups, dishes, and bottles.


At Dapple, it is ensured that the manufacture of products does not have any negative impact on the environment. The ingredients employed in the creation of Dapple products are not only biodegradable, but also free of any harmful synthetic dyes or fragrances, SLES, phthalates, and parabens.

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