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A Reality Check

Toys hold immense fascination for children. They bring a twinkle in the eyes and smile on the face of these little adorable of ours. These joys and amusement may be curtailed, if the toy the child uses exposes him to several serious health risks. Gravely enough, babies and toddlers often have a tendency to chew on their toys. It is well imaginable that typical toys in the market today are made of cheap and harmful plastic, metal, or synthetic materials.  

Toxins in the Toys

Phthalates: Toys made of plastic contain phthalates a highly toxic chemical, known to determent the physical growth of a child and disrupt hormones.

Toxic Fibers: Many children love to cuddle soft toys when they sleep. Raw materials such as cotton and fur used in these soft toys come from conventional farming products. This implies that the cotton must have been treated with numerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are so deeply absorbed in to the material that they cannot be removed even after several washes.

Choking Fibers: Soft toys often emit fibers (furs) that can cause respiratory disorders in children. Lead: Lead is another harmful component commonly found in plastic and metal toys. It is generally added to the paint, used in finishing these toys. Lead can be extremely dangerous, as it can cause neurological disorders.

Organic Toys The Respite

Organic toys are made using natural and organic fabrics and non-toxic materials, such as sustainable wood, organic cotton, cornstarch resin plastic (biodegradable and compostable), or natural rubber. The colors paints used in organic toys are water or milk based, made with a combination of beeswax or natural oils.

Benefits of Organic Toys

Child Friendly: Children are the most sensitive in their growing ages. Normal toys can interfere with their health and development. Organic toys are made of organic materials, which do not contain any dyes and are 100% free of toxic chemicals. Therefore, your child is safe.

Pocket Friendly: Children often tend to break toys while playing. Organic toys are tougher than the ordinary plastic or metal ones. In addition, they are generally durable and last longer, as compared to many cheap quality toys, readily available in the market.

Environment Friendly: Organic toys are manufactured from organic materials. The manufacturers take great precaution in adapting procedures for production that do not hamper the environment.

Due to the growing awareness in people, the organic toy market is thriving. They are now easily available. The manufacturers have updated themselves and are continuously bringing a wide range of interesting toys for the children of all ages. Therefore, to protect your child from choosing organic toys, definitely seems like a wise decision.