Organic Coffee

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The magic of organic coffee

Over 40 countries around the world produce certified organic coffee and at high-end super markets around the world coffee packets come with the special marking that they are 100% organic. Knowledgeable Consumers who love coffee and the planet earth find that the organic coffee is not only tastier but also life supportive. Strangely the consumer, who is bargain habituated and tries to save as much as possible while buying commodities, is seen paying a few pennies more for organic coffee. They do not mind that but smilingly buy.  What is the magic of Organic coffee?

The non-organic coffee or the commercial coffee available over the counter is produced with profit earning in mind and so larger production with minimum of expenditure remains the core concept of commercialism. The commercial coffee grower in his greed and carelessness about the nature around invariably harms the environment and ultimately the eco system endangering at the extreme level the lives of humans.

The commercial growers clear forests for coffee plantation and they use genetically modified seeds for high yield. And they grow coffee plants in direct sun light for increased productivity. The commercial growers use large amount of insecticides and chemical fertilizers which in turn make the soil depleted and in due course sterile. The chemicals poison the land and atmosphere and many species are severely affected.  They also seep though to contaminate the water tables. Contaminated water table means that the harmful chemicals are bound to reach human body affecting health.

The chemicals dent the surrounding environment and local ecological imbalance is created. Chemicals make animals infertile and many birds die. Large scale commercial operations around the world severely damage the eco system of planet earth. <br

The commercial approach in agricultural production endangers life on this planet.

Contrast to commercially produced coffee, the organic coffee is eco-friendly and enhances the health of the planet.

Facts about coffee in natureâ

In nature coffee grows in the shade of big trees and coffee plant does not need direct sun light. As they grow deep in the shadow of other trees, the fallen leaves of shade trees compost and form natural manure.  The shade trees also house a variety of bird population which acts as natural pest control instrument. The coffee that grows purely in the frame work of nature does not harm the environment in any way. Rather it enhances the health of soil, water etc.

Certified Organic coffee<

Organic coffee plantations do have many trees which are large local shade giving trees. And if a plantation is started anew, coffee is planted along with shade giving local trees.  If a proposed land for the coffee plantation were to have been exposed to chemical fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides, that land is kept out of chemical influence for minimum of three year to get rid off the harmful effects of chemicals.

The coffee that grows under the thick cover of trees need no chemical fertilizer as the fallen leaves compost and become highly nutritious natural manure. The fallen leaves of shade giving trees, the layers of them protect the moisture of the land.

The trees attract even migratory birds to nestle there and they eat away all the insects and pests of coffee plants. The birds are nature's pest controllers.

Neither for fertilizer nor for pest control had the organic coffee growers needed chemicals in any form. Without harmful chemicals and in its natural growing process, the coffee beans get rich in taste and flavor. As no chemical is used in growing organic coffee, no air, water and soil contamination takes place.  The integrity of the environment is sustained.

In the present profit oriented world, producing coffee without being hazardous to environment is a clear expression of being responsible human being’. And buying coffee produced in this way is being supportive to the effort of environmental protection.

As the commercial activities move on in high speed and momentum, the realization and the clear knowledge that protecting the health of the planet is essential for humans to be healthy is also gaining ground fast.

For many ills of the present and possible future problems, the one present action that has the potential to save earth is turning to organic agricultural production methods.  Avoiding chemicals from the production process and also in day to day life would surely enhance the longevity of the life of individual as well the planet earth.

Organic coffee is shade grown without the use of harmful chemicals which are harmful to human health and also harmful to the environment. Organic coffee is a singular example of human responsibility towards nature