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Are you looking for food from nature without pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides?  Natures Organic Market offers high quality eco products from mother earth.  Organic food is regulated by the government for a grower to claim that their produce is organic.  Since, by law an eco friendly product only has to be 95% organic to claim that it is organic, if any products listed on the site are not 100% organic it will be listed in the description.  Even the 5% non organic has limitations and no harmful chemicals can be added.

To be living Green once took hunting for the local harvesters, farmers market, or family run farm to get real organic food.  Now, Natures Organic Market ships your favorite eco products straight to your door.  Getting back to Green basics has never been easier.  Natures Organic Market has become your one stop shop for organic living and your organic mall.

Are organic foods more nutritious than conventional food products?

It depends on your definition of nutritious.  In general when you look at apples to apples, organic food does not necessarily mean more vitamins and minerals.  What it does mean is that your food is made without harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics.  

Organic Labels

100% Organic: 100% organic means that the product is completely organic or made with all organic ingredients

Organic: When you see the term just organic this refers to the product being 95% organic, though there are still restrictions on the other 5%.

Made with organic ingredients: This means that the product is 70% made with organic ingredients.  A product that is only 70% can't claim the seal of organic.